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PLOT SUMMARY: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia ecompasses 313 acres of displays, natural areas, and conservations in Athens, Georgia. Six themed gardens present unique co…

Bear Hollow is a wildlife sanctuary in Athens, Georgia exhibiting the state's native animals. It is home to a variety of animals that are not releasable into the wild and offers guests a great educational experience about Georgia’s native wildli…

Located in Valdosta, Georgia, McKey Park features a wide variety of family-friendly activities. From tennis courts to playgrounds to picnic pavilions, this park has something for everyone to enjoy!

The Doug Sanders Golf Museum is home to the golfer’s own collection of hundreds of signed pieces of memorabilia. The “Peacock of the Fairways” amassed a colorful collection of items signed by presidents, famous golfers, and 20th Century pop cult…

Euharlee is believed to be a Cherokee pronunciation of a Creek Indian word meaning "she laughs as she runs". The small town is located less than an hour Northwest of Atlanta.

PLOT SUMMARY: Georgia’s first state park for African Americans was created on Lake Allatoona in 1950, when John Loyd Atkinson, a Tuskegee Airman in World War II, sought a recreational facility for Black Georgians. The neare…

PLOT SUMMARY: Built in 1886, this bridge spans 138 feet over Euharlee Creek in Euharlee, Georgia. The historic bridge was constructed by Washington W. King, son of famed bridge builder …

PLOT SUMMARY: This one-acre cemetery between the Euharlee Presbyterian and Euharlee Baptist Chur…

PLOT SUMMARY: The great-great-grandmother of Michelle Obama was laid to rest in 1938 in Kingston, Georgia. The legacy of the First Lady's ancestor was recounted in a

PLOT SUMMARY: The Coca-Cola Company has authenticated this mural on the side of Young Brothers Pharmacy in downtown Cartersville and declared it the first of its kind. The now iconic mural was painted in 1894 in hopes …
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