GSU students produce Park Mobility Project

Park Mobility Project is a short documentary produced by Georgia State University students. It includes informative, personal stories and highlights several park locations around greater Atlanta and North Georgia. Carden Wyckoff, an activist and disability advocate, helped students establish an advocacy goal to raise awareness of mobility issues in public parks. Ryan Galloway of Tennessee and Georgia State Student Malcolm Woodson are also featured.

The students’ goal is to document a known issue of mobility in many Georgia public parks. The documentary’s voices showcase some of the obstacles individuals with disabilities need to overcome when taking a hike or enjoying other park amenities. The production team hopes to “spark a conversation that continues through a broader audience and hopefully moves into a tangible and practical change to benefit people with disabilities.”


Carden Wyckoff

Ryan Galloway

Malcolm Woodson

Production Crew: 

James Ly

Grace Davenport

Lex Swaney

Ryan D’Angelo

PLOT My Story provided videography feedback to students throughout the production process, however the content selection and production was completely student-led.