Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village

The Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village is a living museum in Tifton, Georgia. It’s an immersive experience where visitors can walk through a 19th century, Southern Georgia-style town and explore what life was like during that period. Real buildings from this era have been relocated to the grounds and preserved or restored true to their original condition.

Your visit will begin in the museum, where exhibits of old agricultural farming tools and inventions will teach you more about the history of Georgia agriculture. Exiting the museum will lead you into the main attraction: the Historic Village. Here, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into history. Dirt paths mark the roads around the town, leading you through industrial sites, main street businesses, and farmland. 19th century businesses and industrial sites are operated authentically by staff members who have been trained in the job that takes place at each establishment. For example, you can watch barrels being made in the cooper shed. Large printing presses at the print shop still publish a newspaper about the museum. The turpentine still produces real turpentine, which is sold in the Country Store at the entrance of the museum.

Each building in the Historic Village is furnished with period artifacts. The Tift House, for example, was the original home of Tifton’s founder, Henry Tift. The home is furnished with the Tift family’s china, a table that was a family heirloom, Mrs. Tift’s wedding dress, and more. See an old operating table, wheelchair, and skeleton in the doctor’s office. You can also explore the commissary, Feed and Seed, barber shop, and lawyer’s office on Main Street. Our favorite spot on Main Street is the drug store. Ms. Genie will serve you the best cone of Blue Bell ice cream you’ve ever had!

You know, they say if you love your job, then it’s not really work. That’s what this place is.” – Billy Hayes, train and grist mill operator

There is so much to do in the Historic Village! Not only is it an incredible educational experience, but it’s a creative way to get outdoors and enjoy a unique sight-seeing experience. The self-guided nature of the museum allows you to explore on your own, but there are always staff members around to give you more information if you’re interested. Employees are dressed in 19th-century clothes and are extremely knowledgeable about everything the village has to offer. Since they’re operating each of these businesses, it’s like you’re getting first-hand information from someone who actually lived in this time period.

HOURS: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

ADMISSION: $7 for adults, $4 for children (ages 5-16)

PHONE: 229-391-5205

ADDRESS: 1392 Whiddon Mill Road, Tifton, Georgia, 31793

PET-FRIENDLINESS: Pets are not allowed.

ACCESSIBILITY: The roads throughout the historic village are dirt or gravel. Most buildings in the village have wheelchair-accessible entrances, but some interiors may be more difficult to navigate, such as the stairs to the Masonic Lodge or the upper levels of the Tift House. The museum has a wheelchair available upon request for use throughout the main building and village. Wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls are available inside the main building. A map of the village, which can be requested at the country store, highlights ramp locations.